Cool new insights by McKinsey research estimates the impact of Internet search in the global economy, pinpointing the sources of value and the beneficiaries. This article is great reading and reveals some good points in terms of the commercial and personal values of search. One of the findings are that each search by estimate is worth about $0.50. in gross value. In other words everytime anyone searches it creates a value of 0.50 $.

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Facebook has announced big changes and this Mashable link gives a great and quick overview. You can expect changes in layout and features in a dramatic way and some people think this is the biggest changes since the inception of Facebook.

It is worthwhile to read.

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Great Social Media infographic from Digital Buzz Blog. Again a reminder to us all that this is part of our lifes and the greatest opportunity for companies and brands to communicate and service customers. Take a look a the article or use the link direct to the infographic.

Link: Article Digital Buzz Blog

Link: Infographic

“Sales reps spend 75% of their time away from the phones”. WOW. This article talks about the importance of sales forces actually sell and how to improve efficiency throughout the sales proces from lead to closed deal.  How do we maximize time for selling and relationship building?. One approach is to follow orders from their point of inception to completion. The big challenge is that this requires many actions and alterations from the whole organization. This transformation isn’t easy but will result in better sales. And at the end of the day most of us depend on sale results.

Enjoy this great article..

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“Engaging customers today requires commitment from the entire company – and a redefined marketing organisation”

This is the best strategic article I have read in a long time and its points are so real and true that it hurts! To me it is all about mastering the conversations and there is no short cuts. It requires massive change in organization and new tasks. As I have said before it requires hard and thoughtful work by the entire company.

Some of the points that companies need to look at is: “Elevate the role of customer insights”, “Design and build great customer engagement strategy” and to be “More data rich and analytically intense”. The truth is that many companies still have a traditinal go to market approach and therefore is not getting the optimal results for their investments. Our luck is that many brilliant marketers have had success by using the formula of this article and has shown us the way to create great results in hard times.

Read the McKinsey entire article and become a better marketer

“If I had to quess, social commerce is the next thing to blow up” – Mark Zuckerberg.

From DigitalBuzzBlog a relevant post about the value of social commerce done by SpinBack. The great infographic shows and documents that shares drives sales and that many brands have had a great succes using social media for commerce.

There are more and more documentation that proves Social Media as commercial channel. Read it and judge if there is a potential around you.









A study by Buddy Media shows that timing it is very important when you want to improve your engagements. Study also shows that in many cases Brands and companies are very poor with their timing. As always timing is everything. Take a look. In the future I will promise try to time my blog post to optimize my traffic.

There are many good conclusions and differences in terms of which categories works best at certain days.  According to this I should have posted this on wednesday instead of friday. I will remember this for next week.

You can read the rest of the study on Mashable

Kan man bruge Facebook på B2B markedet? Igen en god artikel fra og Eric Vreeland. Og ja, det kan man og det er samme grundregler som på B2C markedet. 1. Engagement, 2. Encourage/opmuntring og 3. Skab en dialogplatform.

Om du har 100, 1000 eller 100.000 fans så skal du tænke over den dialog og det engagement der skal til for at få dine fans til at synes om din fanside og anbefale den til andre. Det handler om god kundeservice og relevans!

Læs hele artiklen her på HubSpot

Direct from HubSpot and ERIC VREELAND a Cool review of 20 great brands and their fan page activity. This is true examples of great craftsmanship and conversation. I love when you get insights like this and a good view on what other people are doing.

Enjoy the review..

Link to HubSpot Blog

Social Semantic har gennemført denne omfattende og største kortlægning af danske virksomheders brug af sociale medier. Jeg har tidligere på bloggen vist findings fra Social Semantic. Det er god læsning og fyldt med brugbar indsigt. Udfordringen er stadigvæk tid og resourser. Konsekvensen af dette er, at man reelt ikke får lagt en strategi for sin tilstædeværelse på de sociale medier. Så der er kun hårdt arbejde fremover..

Digital Works har skrevet et godt summary på undersøgelsen som du kan læse her Digital Works

Hele undersøgelsen kan downloades her på Social Semanic

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