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WOW this is great reading. 5 concrete models for using Facebook to generate revenue. Most relevant is the autor Brian Carters relevant questions to ask before engaging with FB. Does it fit and how? Se quote/questions from article below:

“First, consider your revenue model. What steps will get your users to buy? How do you attract their attention in the first place? What does the conversion funnel look like? And how does Facebook fit with the marketing channels that already work for you, like email, text messages and affiliate revenue?”

No one should go into FB activity before answering this type of questions.

Secondly this article gives you real simple guiding in making the right Facebook strategy.

Enjoy this reading.

5 Proven ways to generate revenue form Facebook


New from Social Media Examiner!!. Read the latest predictions from the US experts in Social Media. There are some good ones in this article. Happy New Year to all..

Link. Social Media Examiner article

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