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Facebook has announced big changes and this Mashable link gives a great and quick overview. You can expect changes in layout and features in a dramatic way and some people think this is the biggest changes since the inception of Facebook.

It is worthwhile to read.

Read Mashable link 


Great Social Media infographic from Digital Buzz Blog. Again a reminder to us all that this is part of our lifes and the greatest opportunity for companies and brands to communicate and service customers. Take a look a the article or use the link direct to the infographic.

Link: Article Digital Buzz Blog

Link: Infographic

“Sales reps spend 75% of their time away from the phones”. WOW. This article talks about the importance of sales forces actually sell and how to improve efficiency throughout the sales proces from lead to closed deal.  How do we maximize time for selling and relationship building?. One approach is to follow orders from their point of inception to completion. The big challenge is that this requires many actions and alterations from the whole organization. This transformation isn’t easy but will result in better sales. And at the end of the day most of us depend on sale results.

Enjoy this great article..

Read the full article here

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