“Engaging customers today requires commitment from the entire company – and a redefined marketing organisation”

This is the best strategic article I have read in a long time and its points are so real and true that it hurts! To me it is all about mastering the conversations and there is no short cuts. It requires massive change in organization and new tasks. As I have said before it requires hard and thoughtful work by the entire company.

Some of the points that companies need to look at is: “Elevate the role of customer insights”, “Design and build great customer engagement strategy” and to be “More data rich and analytically intense”. The truth is that many companies still have a traditinal go to market approach and therefore is not getting the optimal results for their investments. Our luck is that many brilliant marketers have had success by using the formula of this article and has shown us the way to create great results in hard times.

Read the McKinsey entire article and become a better marketer