Denne feature vil uden tvivl hjælpe folk med deres søgninger, men hvad får den af betydning for virksomhederne. Bliver spændende at følge udviklingen. Nedenfor er uddrag fra Googles blog.

Today, we announced the launch of Google Instant, an innovative new interface that creates an interactive search experience for users by predicting their query as they type and instantly showing updated results. By providing users with this immediate feedback, they’re able to refine their searches more quickly and find the results that more precisely match what they need.

This new interface applies to both search results and related ads. Therefore, we expect increased user engagement with our search services, including ads.

Although Google Instant doesn’t change the way ads are served, ads and search results will now be shown based on the “predicted search.” For example, if someone types “flow” into, our algorithms predict that the user is searching for “flowers” (the predicted search) and therefore display both search results and ads for “flowers”. However, if that user then adds the letter “c” to the query, our algorithms may predict that the user is searching for “flowchart” and show the corresponding natural and paid results for flowchart.